Echo Resource Development
Echo Resource Development
Empowering and connecting people and the organizations that serve them.

You Are Not Alone

The health, welfare and safety of our communities requires that we   promote social connectedness while maintaining physical distance.   We are here to support individuals, schools, and organizations with ​Education,  Social-Emotional & Mental Health Supports and Services.  

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About Echo Resource Development

Echo's mission is to build safe, healthy communities by empowering and connecting people and  the organizations that serve them.

Founded in 2015, Echo is a nonprofit service, professional development and consulting organization who empowers and connects people  as a means of building safe, healthy and supportive communities.

Education | Mental Health | Social Connectedness | Resource Development & Coordination


We are here to support parents, educators and schools by helping them:
  • Develop and deliver online general and Specially Designed instruction skills
  • Schedule and plan engaging and rigorous academic learning
  • Identify online  instruction resources 
  • Incorporate social-emotional and behavioral strategies
  • Family engagement and communication


Echo and our partners provide virtual consulting, workshops, professional development and  other supports to promote the physical, emotional, mental, and social/behavioral health and safety of individuals, communities and the organizations that serve them.

  • Social-Emotional/Mental Health for Families
  • Social-Emotional/Mental Health for Children
  • Social-Emotional/Mental Health for Older Adults

The Human Systems Approach (HSA)

Human  systems moves beyond a focus on individual behavior and toward an understanding of the wide range of factors that influence  physical, emotional, mental, and social/behavioral    health and safety of individuals and communities.    The    human systems approach   assesses  the complex interplay  between individual, family, community, and environmental factors, applying resources that facilitates pro-social change  across settings.