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    Echo's mission is to build safe, healthy communities by empowering and connecting people and the organizations that serve them.

    Education  -  Mental Health  -  Social Connectedness  -  Resource Development & Coordination

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About Us and Our Work

With more than 20-years experience in education, children and family mental health, and juvenile services Dave Brown established Echo as a nonprofit service, professional development and consulting  organization in 2015.  While many of our partnerships are with schools and school systems throughout Maryland and Delaware our work extends beyond the schoolhouse doors into the surrounding communities, businesses and state and local government agencies.  Contact us to discus how we can help you help others. 


Echo's work in school communities employs a Human Systems Approach (HSA) to promote the protective factors that support academic, social and emotional success and ensure access and equity.


Echo understands that people  and their connections to each other are the foundation of safe, healthy, prosperous communities. Our mission and work builds and empowers connected, human infrastructure.


Echo and its partners provide courses and resources to promote the physical, emotional, mental, and social/behavioral health of individuals, communities and the organizations that serve them including: Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid; Trauma Informed Care and Resilience


Echo assists individuals, communities and organizations identify and coordinate fiscal resources and opportunities for collaboration within and across sectors.  

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Human Systems

The Human Systems Approach (HSA) is based on Social-Ecological models which consider the complex interplay between individual, family, community, and environmental factors and their impact on the physical, emotional, mental, and social/behavioral health of individuals and communities. These protective and risk factors are determinants for outcomes within and across systems, including education, addiction, juvenile justice, physical and mental healthHSA increases the amount and strength of protective factors that build resilience to experienced trauma and toxic stress. Protective factor development empowers individuals and communities to reduce the number and impact of risk factors. 

While we cannot eliminate every risk factor or meet every need, the Human System Approach empowers people to do more than empowers them to thrive by building resilience through educated and empowered social connections.