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 By empowering and connecting people, and the organizations that serve them we build resilient, connected Human Systems which are the foundation of 

of safe, healthy communities. 

Human Systems

The Human Systems Approach (HSA) is based on Social-Ecological models which consider the complex interplay between individual, family, community, and environmental factors and their impact on the physical, emotional, mental, and social/behavioral health of individuals and communities. These protective and risk factors are determinants for outcomes within and across systems, including education, addiction, juvenile justice, physical and mental health. HSA increases the amount and strength of protective factors that build resilience to experienced trauma and toxic stress. Protective factor development empowers individuals and communities to reduce the number, and impact of risk factors. 

While we cannot eliminate every risk factor or meet every need the Human System Approach empowers people to do more than empowers them to thrive by building resilience through educated and empowered social connections.

Positive Social Epidemics

Green Community: 
A Human Ecosystem for Fiscal, Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Social/Behavioral Health

When crisis brings opportunity...

Echo has partnered with organizations in West Baltimore to support the development of Green Communities through the use of positive social epidemics, resource development and coordination. The Green Community initiative envisions the use of urban solar fields and scaled recycling of water to address the rising costs of energy and water while creating job-training and employment opportunities within neighborhoods.

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                                                 A Little Free Library

                                                     Connect and Access

In communities where access to libraries is limited or absent Echo builds, and installs little free libraries. The libraries, supplied with books and other resources become accessible information hubs where people find information to help them meet their needs including:

  • Physical & Mental Healthcare
  • Energy Assistance
  • Housing
  • Domestic Violence

Contact us to find out more about the program or to SPONSOR a Little Free Library!

Empowerment through Education

Echo and its partners provide courses related to promoting the health including:

Mental Health First Aid

Trauma, Resilience & the Healthy Community

Behavior: Communication of Symptoms

Resource Development

Echo provides fiscal, human and organizational resource development to support the needs of its partners and clients.

Resource Coordination

Echo can help its partners and clients manage organizational fiscal, operational and human infrastructure


Through an Ecological Human Systems Approach Echo can help people shape a vision that connects the physical, fiscal and human infrastructures within geographic areas into safe, healthy, prosperous communities.

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