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    We are proud to support families, schools, and school systems throughout Maryland and Delaware with services, professional development and consulting that helps create safe, healthy and successful school communities.

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Our Services

Our work, rooted in the Human System Approach, is designed to help move beyond problem solving, crisis, and harm reduction towards capacity building.  

Through the use of predictive analytics and ecological assessment we help evaluate and improve the effectiveness and impact of current policies, procedures and practices. 

Uniquely, Echo is able to provide supports to students, schools, school systems, families and the organizations that serve them. 

Access, Equity, Academic, and Social Emotional Success
​K-12 Public, Charter & Private Schools
​General and Special Education

Discipline & Disruptive Youth

Utilizing the Human Systems Ecological Approach (HSEA) we help individuals, groups and schools move behaviors from disruptive to productive and positive.
 Incorporating cognitive behavioral and self-regulation approaches we can greatly improve the impact of existing positive behavior systems, including PBS, MTSS, Restorative Practices, Responsive Classroom, Conscious Discipline, etc..
  • Individual, cohort and school-wide behavior support

  • Job-embedded and traditional professional development

  • Policy, procedure and practice review and revision

Social Emotional Learning

Echo's Human Systems Ecological Approach (HSEA) helps schools and teachers integrate social-emotional learning and self-regulation into instruction, policies , procedures, and practices. HSA uses predictive analytics, including an understanding of protective and risk factors, to help predict and prevent disruptive behaviors.

  • Integrate social & emotional policies, procedures and practices and instruction
  • Job-embedded and traditional professional development

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Human System Engagement

Family - Community Engagement

Family and school engagement builds a community that is supportive of the academic and social emotional success.  The Human Systems Ecological Approach (HSEA) identifies the constellation of people and factors that promote engagement and success and develops relevant policies, procedures and practices.
  • Ecomapping
  • Positive social epidemics
  • Communication systems

Disproportionality & Overidentification

Echo Human Systems and Cognitive Behavioral Approach helps to identify and address the contributing factors leading to disproportionality and overidentification. 

  • Consulting
  • Job-embedded professional development
  • Individual student and cohort support

Trauma Informed

Echo helps schools and school systems develop and adopt trauma informed, resilience building policies and practices that improve academic, social-emotional/behavior and school safety. 

  • Trauma Informed Professional Development
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Nonpublic School Consulting

Echo can help nonpublic schools to improve its service and business models to improve the academic and social-emotional performance of its students.

  • Social Emotional Behavioral Consulting
  • COMAR 13A.09.10 Compliance and Systems Consulting
  • Medical Assistance

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